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Introducing Victorian Lifestyle Group

What is important for us?

We are committed to helping everyday Australians build wealth through property investment. Our team is constantly analysing population shifts, lifestyle trends, employment opportunities, demographics and markets to identify the best investment property opportunities in the current climate. Victorian Lifestyle Group offers a one-stop property investment service. Our experienced consultants help you identify your investment goals and how to improve key areas to reduce debt and use your money effectively to buy property.

When we say ABSOLUTELY NO UPFRONT FEES, we mean it. We even pay your land deposit for you.

We provide you with free sound financial advice.

When we say FULL RETURN & KEY FIXED PRICE CONTRACTS we mean fixed price no more to pay.

We only sell brand new properties in the medium price range of Australian homes.

Our Average Property Price is between$350,000 and $450,000.

We supply new residential properties in prime growth locations.

Our ‘new property strategy’ ensures maximum appeal to tenants and maximum return for you, the investor.

We can help you through every stage of your property investment.

We provide you with a free independent inspection once your home is complete.

We provide you with a free Tax depreciation schedule once your home is complete.

Our Founder

James Long

James have been working in financial planning, property investment and wealth creation for many years now and he loves it. He take pride in his companies, which are helping hundreds of Aussie families reach financial independence and success. It is about helping people achieve goals and be creative and independent with wealth. The opportunity to have helped thousands in the past has led him where he is today building success with everyday Australians.


James Long Victorian Lifestyle Group We Work for Your Financial Freedom