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Help You Through Every Stage of Your Property Investment.

We are committed to helping everyday Australians build wealth through property investment. Our team is constantly analysing population shifts, lifestyle trends, employment opportunities, demographics and markets to identify the best investment property opportunities in the current climate. Victorian Lifestyle Group offers a one-stop property investment service. Our experienced consultants help you identify your investment goals and how to improve key areas to reduce debt and use your money effectively to buy property.

Some of our services

Our team is here to help and guide you through the process of investing in property.

You may be in a position to invest now. It is never too early or late to start building wealth.

Simply contact us by phone or email for obligation free insights on the safest and easiest way to invest in property.


We begin by taking a critical look at the current debt structure and see how much cash flow is absorbed through personal loan and credit card debts due to the high interest rates associated with this type of debt.

By consolidating these debts into a housing loan (if you have sufficient equity) at housing loan interest rates,  this will free up your cash flow to give you additional funds to contribute to the repayments of an investment property, and create sufficient borrowing capacity to purchase an investment property.


Property investment isn’t forced saving like superannuation, but a method of using rental return, asset growth and taxation benefits to build levels of wealth which the average income earner can’t accumulate over a lifetime from normal after tax savings.

Your income (and home equity) work for you rather than you working for them!

Victorian Lifestyle Group has helped many average Australians from all walks of life take control of their lives by building wealth through property.


Our job doesn’t end when you have purchased your first property or when you have refinanced your current loans and credit cards etc. No, this is just the start of the journey that you will be taking with Victorian Lifestyle Group.

From the first meeting with one of our consultants; our goal is your financial future, and we plan to be there every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals with your first property, and onward, through building the investment portfolio you need to achieve your financial goals.


James Long Victorian Lifestyle Group We Work for Your Financial Freedom